Saturday, October 2, 2010

Way too long!!!

Holy Cow it's been forever since I've updated my blog!! Well just to make sure everyone knows...which I'm sure you already do, we moved back to AZ!! Clifford got a job with Career Builder and is loving his job. We have been here since the end of July. When things get less crazy I will put some pics up. Sorry for the slacking of blog updating on my part!! I will try to do better!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The State Fair and Halloween Festivities!!

I've been slackin on the bloggin so I have a big post here of the past couple months! In September we went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot! It was pretty fun! It wasn't any different than any other fairs we've been to except for the yummy fried potato spiral things we got and the huckleberry lemonade! They were so good! Here is Corban riding the rocket!!
They had a little kids center with different activities like milking the cow and roping the bull! Here's Corban roping the bull!
And riding the tractor bike!!
Then we went to the petting zoo! He thought he was so funny riding this goat!
Brighton Loved the puppy!!!
This is the yummy Huckleberry lemondade...
and the yummy fried potatoes!! Gotta love fair food!!
In October the week before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch at someone's house in Rigby! I was a little was an ugly field with a bunch of nasty rotten pumpkins all over the place!! They said they would have a scarecrow for pictures but they didn't have it when we went! Next time we will go to a real pumpkin patch! So we got a couple pics of the kids to say we went and got our pumpkins and left!
He wanted a pumpkin but had to pee really bad! haha
Then this past Friday night the night before Halloween I decided to let the kids paint their pumpkins since we hadn't carved them and Halloween was the next day! haha I'm such a slacker when it comes to carving pumpkins! Clifford was at work so I let the kids have at it! It was fun to watch them get all messy! Here's Corban painting away!!
Brighton wanted to help so I let her...
I turned my head for a couple seconds and this is what I saw!! haha Corban decided to paint his sister! lol It was pretty funny!!
She was havin so much fun!
Corban has been bugging me to paint his silver Iron Man toy red so he was asking me while painting the pumpkins! I told him we didn't have red that we would have to go buy some red paint! Then he said he wanted to paint it blue since we had blue at that moment so I said are you sure bud? He said ya so he did! Here is him with his blue Iron Man toy now! haha Whatever floats his boat! He's happy now! haha
Then last night on Halloween Clifford had to work again till 10 so I took the kids with our friends Chase and Jeri and their 2 kids Emma and Seth (who are the ones that I babysit) to Chase's parents house in Chester Idaho for their "town" trunk or treat at the park! haha The town has like 300 people total in it! haha The kids had fun though and got a ton of candy! Corban was in heaven! After the trunk or treat we went to his parents house and had cake and ice cream for Seth who turned 1 on Halloween and the kids played in their huge backyard! Corban had so much fun playing with all the boys! Brighton was just taking it all in at the trunk or treat so I didn't really get a smile from her! haha Here's me and here just arriving!
I talked Corban into taking a picture with me and Brighton! haha
He's happy to get candy!!
Little duck eating her sucker and loving it!!
Here is Corban the bumblebee transformer and Emma the princess!!
Seth the dog and Brighton the duck on our way home!
It was a fun night!! We wish Clifford could have been with us too! Thanks so much Chase n Jeri for letting me come with you guys! Corban ate so much candy and didn't eat his dinner that he ended up throwing up at 5 oclock the next morning!! Eww! I knew it was gonna happen though! He did it last year too! I learned my lesson so next year he will eat dinner and not have a ton of candy! I hope everyone else had an awesome Halloween! I am so excited for Thanksgiving and for the wonderful holiday season!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


On labor day we were bored so we decided to take a drive! We ended up going to a little town called Heise which is where Clifford and Corban went camping for Father's and sons! We went to the campground and walked around for a bit! We were just messing around and got some fun pics so I had to post them! This is a bridge that is over a little creek at the campground! Brighton was a little hesitant at first to walk on it!
She's being extra careful!!
Looking at mommy!!
Corban is in heaven being outside on a bridge by the water and rocks! haha
So sweet!!!
We saw this really old farm truck that was abandoned so we stopped and took pics by it! All the windows were broken! It was pretty sweet!
Chillin on the hood!!
He was trying so hard to reach the pedal! haha
This one cracks me up!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's about time I update since our trip to AZ and Mexico since we've been home for 2 weeks now! We were super busy the whole time we were there! We took Corban and Brighton to the Phoenix Children's Museum one day and that was really cool! They had a blast! The highlight of our trip was going to Mexico! We went for 6 days with my family and stayed at the Mayan Palace in Rocky Point! We did a lot of relaxing and swimming on the beach mostly and did some shopping and eating of course! We took Corban with us and left Brighton with Cliffords parents! Being with family is always fun! Here are some pics from Mexico! This one is Corban being silly while waiting patiently for our lunch at the best restaurant in Rocky Point...Flavio's! It's so yummy!
Our first day on the beach Corban found a crab! He was so excited to show daddy!
It's Mr. Crabs
We went to the tide pools and tried to find sea creatures early in the morning! It was way fun!
Me and my sexy hubby
Our little family minus Brighton! It was nice not having her there though! haha
Corban and his cousins Max and Myles! They became best buds on this trip! It was so fun to watch them play! Keep in mind the twins are 6 and Corban is 4! haha
Corban is boogie boardin like a champ!
He loves taking pics! haha
Lovin the nice warm water!
Me and my mom and sisters that went this year! We are missing Kristin and Holly!
Here's Corban holding the starfish at the aquarium!
Corban and Daddy waiting for the turtle so they can pet it!
Our attempt to take a cute romantic pic with our initials carved in the sand! haha Our arms are supposed to be in a heart shape!
Me and my awesome Mom!
Here we are just before leaving to go home! We didn't want to leave! It went by so fast! Hopefully we can go back next year!
We left Mexico on Brighton's 1st Birthday! I can't believe my baby girl is already 1! Time flies by so fast! We got home and had cake and ice cream and gave her presents! She wasn't too sure about the cake at first but then dug right in! Here's a couple of her bday pics!
She loves cake just like her mommy!
She's riding the horse she got for her bday! She also got a purse with a necklace and bracelets, some books, a baby and a bottle(which is her favorite present and has to sleep with it every night), a stroller and another baby, and some pom poms! She loved them all!
Corban missed her so much while in Mexico so he's giving her big hugs! Awww!
She loves her big brother!
The day before leaving to go home we drove out to Scottsdale to eat at LoLo's Chicken and Waffles! Oh my goodness it is sooo gooood! You have to go try it sometime! Their cool aid is the best I've had in my life and the waffles with chicken is pretty dang good! If you like chicken and if you like waffles then you have to go! They have grits and all sorts of stuff to eat and you don't have to get the chicken with your waffles if you don't want! haha
Me and Heath!
Brighton is officially walking now too! Right around her birthday she started taking a few steps and after being home she figured it out! I love it though but she is starting to get fast and is running from me now! haha We took her to the Dr for her shots and here are her stats:
weight: 22.6 lbs 71%
height: 30.3 in 80%
head Circ: 19 in 99%
So she has a huge head! haha She is now sleeping in a toddler bed! We got a twin bed for Corban at DI for 10 bucks so we decided to put her in his toddler bed! He loves his new big bed and Brighton is doing pretty good in her bed! She fell off once but is doing better! We took Corban to get his kindergarted shots and he is still 100% in everything! I love my big boy! Here is Brighton walking!
Pretty girl!!! She loves her sunglasses!
We got this couch from DI for 25 bucks! What a smokin deal! We saw it and we couldn't pass it up! It was originally 60 but the guy sold it for 25 instead! It's one of those couches that is so ugly but so cool and most of you are probly like "that is the ugliest couch why would they buy something like that" haha but we love it! So let me know what you think of our couch! I love it!